Outfit – Office Look

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While I’m currently sitting three out if this week’s five working days in class – studying all about accounting – eiks! – wearing rather casual outfits including jeans and sneakers, I’ve decided to share an office look with you guys since this has been much requested lately. Dressing for an work environment can be challenging at times. I’ve decided to feature a series of office looks that I wear with you, so that you can feel just as confident as I feel trying to master adulthood (and your job).   read more


Outfit – Ruffled

ruffled, levis, 501 ct, girlfriend jeans, ruffles, illesteva

There are some pieces of clothing you see and instantly know that you need them in your life – different combos going through your mind. That’s exactly how I felt when I was browsing one of the local Zara stores after a full weekend of studying and saw this ruffled shirt. And then, there are some pieces of clothing where people’s reactions tend to differ sharply. That’s exactly what has happened with that shirt. I’ve posted this picture on Instagram (@vicko_m) and the shirt got so much praise! So, I decided to wear it to work one day paired with a black skirt.

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Hotel Review – Tugu Hotel, Bali

tugu hotel, bali, hotel review

I’ve actually already planned to tell you everything about my time in Bali quite a while ago. However, as you might have noticed my blog got hacked – thanks to my laziness in running the newest updates and all my saved content had to be deleted. Since reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and then watching the move with the same title, I’ve dreamt about visiting Bali. White sanded beaches, sap green rice fields, temples… Bali always seemed to be a place full of tradition and magic. Mostly, thanks to social media I always considered Bali to be one of my secret highlights of the trip. I knew before even being there that I will like this place. Before, I want to share some tips for Bali, I want to share one of the hotels in which we stayed with you: the Tugu Hotel in Canggu.  read more


Outfit – Berlin on Repeat

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Alle guten Dinge sind, wie man so schön sagt drei. Und deswegen erscheint dieser Post zum dritten Mal und ich hoffe, dass es dieses Mal einwandfrei und ohne Hacker-Eingriff klappt! Wenn ihr meinem Instagram-Account (@vicko_m) folgt, habt ihr wahrscheinlich mitbekommen, dass ich die letzten beiden Wochenenden in Berlin verbracht habe. Mein Bruder lebt dort gemeinsam mit seiner Frau. Vor zwei Wochen bin ich hingeflogen, da ich für meine Schwägerin eine Babyshower-Party veranstaltet habe. Auch wenn das nicht unbedingt eine deutsche Tradition ist, fand ich die Idee unser neustes Familienmitglied mit einer tollen Runde Frauen zu feiern, super schön. Es gab Luftballons, Cupcakes und noch sein einiges anderes was dazu gehört. Natürlich war passend zum Geschlecht alles in blau und weiß gehalten. read more