cravings – what you need in your carry on bag

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With my exam done, I find myself having enough time and energy for exiting weekend trips again. While I love going away for weekends, they do need a bit of prep & planing beforehand or otherwise those weekend getaways will start to be rather exhausting than relaxing. What to wear to travel is an important question, you want to feel comfortable sitting on the plane, train or car and ideally want to partly be able to recycle what you wear again to not overpack. Thinking about what you need in your carry on bag is just as important. Over time, my Rimowa bag and I have become pretty good friends and it rarely happens that I miss to bring something (even though that’s always how I feel when I’m at the airport!). Since May I’ve been twice to Mallorca, spend a weekend in Amsterdam, one in Berlin at my friend’s baby shower and went to Paris – a pretty packed schedule, but that’s just how I love it. To me, traveling and exploring new places is a way to relax and where I find most of my inspiration. Over the years, I created a small game for myself: find the best book to read while traveling. What for others probably is the duty free shop, is the book store for me. So many goodies there to find. So today, I’m showing you what you need in your carry on bag to make your life as easy as possible.  read more


outfit – mom jeans in berlin.

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Is there a better place to debut my EDITED then in Berlin? I don’t think so, so here we go. While roughly 90% of all the jeans currently in my closet are high waisted, it took me some time to get used to the mom jeans look. To me, for a very long time it was a style reserved for very skinny girls with very long legs. Not necessarily a category I would count myself part of (hello short legs & burger love). I think everyone has particular parts of their bodies that make them feel insecure.

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outfit – checked jumpsuit.

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Since most week nights, I’m too busy and tired to prepare blogposts, I try to plan, prepare and schedule my posts on the weekends and publish them during the week. This way I can spend enough time on each post without feeling to rush something or feeling forced to publish a post. It’s almost a fool proof plan. Well almost. The last weekends have been absolutely crazy: Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt. Exploring, enjoying time with my family and friends, going out (read = being hangover the next morning). While I love to be constantly on the go and would never pick staying at home over a weekend trip, it’s just so time consuming and ruining all my good plans & resolutions.

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travel – 5 things to do in amsterdam.

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I’m so excited to share my 5 things to do in Amsterdam with you guys. It was my first time visiting the Dutch city and honestly, I have no idea why it took my 27 years to visit the city for the very first time. Considering the fact that it’s only a 4h car drive away from my home and I love to travel that’s pretty odd. Last year, before heading of to Hong Kong, I already planned visiting Amsterdam, which somehow didn’t turn out. However, the drama turned into a love story with a happy end during the past week. In a heartbeat I fell in Love with the Dutch Capital.If I would need to describe Amsterdam in 3 words, these would be: beautiful, free, slowed down. I think Paris and London just got company in being my favorite cities in Europe – and the new kid on the block is definitively Amsterdam.
You can’t believe how sad I was when we arrived in Amsterdam on Friday night and it was simply pouring down, same situation Saturday morning. A boat tour around the “Grachten”, biking around town and getting lost in the tiny street around those picturesque houses suddenly seemed so far away. Eventually around midday the grey skies broke open and some sunshine emerged, turning Amsterdam into an even prettier place. We stayed at Hotel V Fizeaustraat, a bit outside of town with an absolute stunning interior and a huge room, but before I’m sharing a hotel review with you, there are  5 things to do in Amsterdam, including things to see & eat, you shouldn’t miss.
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