outfit – weekends in Notting Hill

While it’s currently raining outside, I’m cuddled up on the sofa with a hot cuppa tea. And I decided to tell you a little love story. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you will know that I enjoy living in London. It’s the hustle and bustle I like: the internationality, the whole foodie scene and simple the vast amount of things to do. Last Sunday for example, I went to a reformer pilates class in the morning, then went to a lunch pop up hosted by my friend’s brother and girlfriend. One thing that I particularly like? It’s Notting HillEven though weekends are super busy in Notting Hill (mostly due to the famous Portobello Rd market), it’s just one of my most favorite neighborhood’s in the city. With no doubt  that’s the area where I spent most of my time. Ok to be fair, I live a 10 minute walk or a quick bike ride away. But I would even spend as much time there if I wouldn’t live that close by. While in general, I can’t really picture myself becoming all grown up in London (read= buy a house/flat,  have a family), it all changes in Notting Hill: Cute shops, amazing cafés and a very positive, relaxed vibe. It feels a big like Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Maybe because it feels like a tiny bit like home away from home I feel so happy there.
Since I know revealed my love for Notting Hill, it won’t come as a surprise to you that whenever I have visitors from home in town, that’s always where I end up taking them. Naturally, I had to use Portobello Road (the home of London’s most famous market) as a backdrop for this outfit. Let’s quickly talk about those pants: amazing fit, great color(s) for summer and just below €50

top – Zara // jeans – ASOS // sandals – Zara // bag – Stella McCartney

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