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I have been living in my flat now for a year and a half and while it truly feels like a home to me, there are certain bits and pieces of my flat I feel the urge to change all the time. This is mostly driven by the fact that we have rented a fully furnished apartment, which is a fairly common thing to do in a city like London. However, it makes it incredible hard to feel at home, especially if there are a lot of items you would have not chosen for your apartment yourself. While we cannot change all the furniture or the kitchen, there are some easy tricks and tips on how to make your flat feel like a home…


I have been growing up with a mom who loves reading and there are always books flying around in our house. Reading and spending ages in book stores is a habit that I have picked up too. And while other girls dream about a walk-in closet, I dream about having my own library one day. I probably own the weirdest selection of books a person can own and it includes everything from cheesy love stories over crime dramas to travel stories and financial crisis books with a steady growing coffee table books collection. However, I love recommending a good book to a friend or be reminded of the place and time where I have read one of the books that sit on my shelves.
Over at Gal meets Glam the other I read how they love to pop into book stores on their travels and bring home a book. I found this thought somehow incredibly romantic and have decided to pick this habit up too…

Flowers, plants & scents

It’s so simple, yet most of the times people forget what a difference a green plant and some fresh flowers can make to a room. Given that I’m away a lot from home most days of the week, fresh flowers are for me something really special because in most cases I decide it’s not necessarily worth to go for a flower run if I’m only at home for the weekend. This year for my birthday, both Lillie and Lisa gave me the most stunning peonies and they were easily the best present I got this year. You’ll always find a scent diffusor in my bathroom and candles on the coffee table or my nightstand. There’s nothing I connect more to home than a specific scent!


Pictures, prints & memories

We are fortunate to have super high ceilings and light flooded rooms. Since the moment I first stepped into our apartment, I knew I want to have nice art work on the walls. The more the better and I just recently got a few amazing prints via Desenio. Up above our little bar, I have hung up two black and white prints inspired by London. With all the stress in life, sometimes people take what they have for granted. These two pictures are a sweet reminder that I get to live in one of my favourite cities of all time.
I’m definitively a summer child and could spend all of my life at the beach. With the beach being far away and London having more rain than summer days, I got two big pictures at Desenio of the sea to remind me that there’s always summer somewhere…



Use your travels

The other day while I was on route back to London, I realised I have already spent over 80 nights away from home this year. I don’t only travel a lot personally (here, here or here)., but my job requires me to travel frequently too. Given I spend a lot of my time living out of a suitcase, I find a lot more joy these days to invest in pieces for my flat than in clothes or shoes… This sentence sound even strange to my own ears! Well, but it’s the truth.
I’m definitively not a hoarder of any sorts, but during one of my latest trips – I finally made it to Turkey and I was absolutely mind blown about the beauty of Cappadocia and the buzzing vibes of Istanbul – I brought a few little pieces from the busy allies of the Grand Bazaar with me back home. Also, my recent travels were an inspiration for picking the right pictures at Desenio. As you can clearly tell the theme is overall “travel”…

Start changing the small things

While it’s certainly more difficult to replace a sofa or chairs. However, there are lots of items in your flat that can be easily replaced. Something you like better, which doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t involve too much organisation. Our home has an open plant kitchen and lots of the kitchen utilities are not really the prettiest to be on display, neither used to be our old bin. One day, I finally replaced the old bin by something a bit more fancier looking and laugh about myself of my very grown up investment… It’s a step by step progress, but we are currently also upgrading some of the other kitchen appliances and I get excited about every new piece!

Desenio – discount Code

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As you can see, it doesn’t always need a lot to make your home feel like home. What are your tips to make yourself feel at home?


*in lovely partnership with Desenio

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