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cravings – Oktoberfest

In just a couple of weeks from now, Munich’s Theresienwiese will yet again turn into the biggest Volksfest around the world, attracting millions of visitors from close and far. Once you hear the famous words “O’zapft is“, you know it’s this time of the year again: It’s Oktoberfest. Despite being German, I don’t really like beer. Yet, I love visiting the Wiesn (colloquial for Oktoberfest), because almost everyone makes the effort to wear their nicest Dirndl and Lederhosen. I got my Dirndl a few years ago when I first moved to Bavaria and would love to get a second one. With a back then Bavarian boyfriend who’s mom used to run a Dirndl shop, I’ve learned all the do’s & don’ts. Plus, my wardrobe is pretty well prepared to attend this year’s Oktoberfest. So how does my perfect Oktoberfest look looks like? Dirndl – While Dirndl can get quite pricey; these days a lot of brands have special collections during the Wiesn season, like Esprit. This Dirndl is super cute and yet traditional. To complete the look you need the right blouse to go with the traditional dress – personally I love the shoulderless option – and an apron. Read how to tie your apron right here.

Shoes – Finding the right pair of shoes that go nice with a Dirndl can be a touch search. I usually like to wear some flats or shoes with just a small heel. I love these Velvet ones. No matter what you opt for in the end, keep in mind that Oktoberfest is a LOT about dancing and having fun, so your shoes need to be comfortable enough to do that all day long.

Bag – Did you know that most Dirndl gave a hidden bag in the skirt? I know – this is revolutionizing! Instead of going for a big bag, choose a small cross body bag keeping your hands free for drinking your Mass (read: beer) and for dancing.

Janker – A sweater jacket made out of wool to keep you extra warm before everyone starts to dance and heat up the tents. September can be already freeeeezing in Germany, especially in the south. Don’t underestimate the weather! Alternatively, you can also throw on a denim jacket.


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