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Let’s talk about one of my all time favorite topics: food. In particular, going out for food. It’s one of my favorite activities to do and I love, love, love all the amazing restaurants, bars, markets and coffee shops here in London. I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but: my time in London is coming to an end next week. But only for now, I’ll be back in fall. Since I receive a lot of emails regarding tipps about where to go for food & drinks in the British capital, I thought I’m going to share a little London Food Guide with you. Almost everywhere I go, I snap a little picture but they don’t always end up being uploaded on Instagram (@vicko_m) and that’s why I strolled through my camera roll to filter for my favorite places in London. These are various kinds of places for either food or drink (obviously, in most places you can have both!) but what they all have in common is that they have become places that I go back to again and again. Unfortunately, London is a city where reservations are almost everywhere a must, so plan your trip wisely ahead. I hope you like my little London Food Guide. Let me know if you have any further questions and leave me a comment with your favorite places in the city!

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Camden Street Art Tours invited me to come along to one of their tours exploring amazing street art around Camden. You don’t have to ask twice if I want to come along: I love exploring new sides of a neighborhood and I love art. So I took my photographer aka roomie Laura and my friend Marie and off we strolled.
About two weeks ago we trotted to Camden ready to explore more than tourists usually do (Camden is not only Camden Market & the High Street)! The guided tours last about two hours and can be repeated several times since street art is fast living and changing. You might were on a tour a couple of months ago and when you join the tour another time be ready to see new art pieces all over the place. Having lived in Berlin for quiet some time and being used to see graffiti basically everywhere, I didn’t know what to expect – BUT I quickly learned street art and graffiti are two veeeeeery different things. For once, Street Art is not always illegal. Camden Street Art Tours is part of global street art who provide artists with surfaces to get arty on it! What we saw? We saw the tiniest of tiniest art piece on a chewing gum (yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read right!), we saw street art in 3D and we saw Alice’s last trip to wonderland. We met John Lennon once and Amy Winehouse crossed our paths every now and then being a former resident of Camden artists have a special relation to her. Rumors say that it’s a famous female person (maybeVictoria Beckham!) bringing Amy back to Camden. Next time you are in London, look up, look down, look straight ahead because everywhere you look there is some art wanting to be found.
Don’t forget to scroll all the way down the post – there is a discount waiting for you, if you want to do a tour yourself next time you are in London!

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