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Ich hoffe, ihr seid gerade nicht hungrig. Falls doch würde ich euch empfehlen entweder später wieder zu kommen oder ihr lest von nun an auf eigene Gefahr weiter, aber heute wird es köstlich! Denn ich zeige euch heute einige Einblicke in das breeze by lebua in Frankfurt. Auch wenn man meinen kann hier handele es sich um ein klassisches fine dining Restaurant ist es nicht wirklich das was einen erwartet. Vielmehr handelt es sich hier um fun dining gepaart mit exquisiter, panasiatischer Kochkunst. Fun dining? Ganz richtig. Denn man soll sich wohlfühlen, weiße steife Tischdecken sucht man hier vergeblich, es darf (und soll sogar!) geredet und gelacht werden beim Essen. read more

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Being back in Frankfurt just a bit over a month now, I realized that I somehow never introduce you to fun and cool places in the city. Personally, I think Frankfurt is an amazing place and I loved growing up here. However, to me the German banker center doesn’t take full advantage of its possibilities and there are not too many places that blow my mind. It seems like a cool place never sticks around long enough to get noticed. The food you can get is great, yet there is not much of a choice. Let’s talk Eggs Benedict – haven’t seen a place yet here where I can order them… But even in all the unspectacular, one can find something that shines bright like a diamond. To me, the sushi lover, Moriki is such a place. Interior? To the point. Service? Hands up. Food? OMG – it’s so good. Moriki is rather expensive. But keep in mind that most sushi places are not cheap if they offer great quality and extensive choice. If you still want to try it without spending too much, take advantage of their lunch offer. Enjoy, peeps 

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Breaking news from my hometown Frankfurt – for all you beauty-lovers and travelers, there is a new kid on the block: Aesop opened it’s first store in Frankfurt. Probably, we all like shopping online including shopping for cosmetics. Especially with products that are part of daily routiner, ordering online comes in very handy. I love my thermal water by Avène – I never go a summer without that fresh breeze out of the spray can – and I always order it at Europa Apotheek.

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