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I’m so excited to share my 5 things to do in Amsterdam with you guys. It was my first time visiting the Dutch city and honestly, I have no idea why it took my 27 years to visit the city for the very first time. Considering the fact that it’s only a 4h car drive away from my home and I love to travel that’s pretty odd. Last year, before heading of to Hong Kong, I already planned visiting Amsterdam, which somehow didn’t turn out. However, the drama turned into a love story with a happy end during the past week. In a heartbeat I fell in Love with the Dutch Capital.If I would need to describe Amsterdam in 3 words, these would be: beautiful, free, slowed down. I think Paris and London just got company in being my favorite cities in Europe – and the new kid on the block is definitively Amsterdam.
You can’t believe how sad I was when we arrived in Amsterdam on Friday night and it was simply pouring down, same situation Saturday morning. A boat tour around the “Grachten”, biking around town and getting lost in the tiny street around those picturesque houses suddenly seemed so far away. Eventually around midday the grey skies broke open and some sunshine emerged, turning Amsterdam into an even prettier place. We stayed at Hotel V Fizeaustraat, a bit outside of town with an absolute stunning interior and a huge room, but before I’m sharing a hotel review with you, there are  5 things to do in Amsterdam, including things to see & eat, you shouldn’t miss.
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Hotel Review – Tugu Hotel, Bali

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I’ve actually already planned to tell you everything about my time in Bali quite a while ago. However, as you might have noticed my blog got hacked – thanks to my laziness in running the newest updates and all my saved content had to be deleted. Since reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and then watching the move with the same title, I’ve dreamt about visiting Bali. White sanded beaches, sap green rice fields, temples… Bali always seemed to be a place full of tradition and magic. Mostly, thanks to social media I always considered Bali to be one of my secret highlights of the trip. I knew before even being there that I will like this place. Before, I want to share some tips for Bali, I want to share one of the hotels in which we stayed with you: the Tugu Hotel in Canggu.  read more

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From Hong Kong I flew to another huge, Asian city: Bangkok. When people think of Bangkok they mostly picture the Grand Palace, a cruise on the river and partying like in the “Hangover” movie. This is not quite what I see when I think about the thai capital. Maybe because it was not my first time (where I ticked off all of the mentioned above), but rather 24 hours in pure paradise. Together with my mom, I spent one night in the most perfect setting: Tower Club at lebua.
We had only a day before flying to Bali and we made sure to fully indulge all the amenities of the hotel. We relaxed by the pool, had champagne at the Skybar (one of the highest rooftop bars in the world!), enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Breeze restaurant (remember how I had dinner at the Breeze restaurant in Frankfurt?), mixed our own cocktails from the Disitl Bar… Sounds pretty dreamy, mh? It sure was.

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I hope you are ready for a huuuuge picture overload from my new favorite city: Hong Kong.
Hong Kong was such an amazing, yet very particular experience. It feels huge, busy, sticky and smelly – nonetheless, it easily conquered my heart. Big city vibes, drinks on rooftops in the heart of the city, crazy parties in LKF, traditional cuisine and beliefs are just a few things that make this place so great. To me it felt like New York in an Asian version, just a tat more individual. Vibrant city life, endless beaches and hikes through the green fields. My list of why Hong Kong should definitely be on your list to visit could go endlessly… I’ve dreamt about visiting HK for such a long time and I’m so happy I finally did. I went all by myself, with my huge backpack, no plan & just a hostel booked…  read more