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At home with Desenio.

I have been living in my flat now for a year and a half and while it truly feels like a home to me, there are certain bits and pieces of my flat I feel the urge to change all the time. This is mostly driven by the fact that we have rented a fully furnished apartment, which is a fairly common thing to do in a city like London. However, it makes it incredible hard to feel at home, especially if there are a lot of items you would have not chosen for your apartment yourself. While we cannot change all the furniture or the kitchen, there are some easy tricks and tips on how to make your flat feel like a home… read more

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London Picks – Brown & Rosie

london picks brunch breakfast brown & rosie

One fact I like most about London are all its amazing brunch spots across town. There’s literally nothing that feels more like a lazy weekend than starting it with a long, delicious brunch. Thanks to many Aussie making their ways to London, there are so many great places offering a range of healthy, fresh and seasonal driven menus and the best coffees! I love having a few regular places I tend to visit over and over again, like the Italian Garden Café in Hyde Park or Granger’s in Notting Hill, but I’m all about daring to try a new place like Brown & Rosie, which I spotted on Instagram. Turns out it’s yet another great Australian foodie place in London, which I tried together with my dear friend Annika yesterday.  read more

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Kurz bevor ich das letzte Mal nach London geflogen bin erreichte mich eine Email, in der ich eingeladen wurde den Italiener Pasta Remoli in London auszuprobieren. Ich mag zwar Pizza nicht besonders, aber Antipasti, Burrata & Pasta liebe ich umso mehr. Also bin ich der Einladung ohne zu zögern gefolgt. Mit Laura im Schlepptau haben wir uns also in Richtung Londoner Norden aufgemacht, um im italienischen Food-Himmel zu landen!

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