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London Picks – Brown & Rosie

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One fact I like most about London are all its amazing brunch spots across town. There’s literally nothing that feels more like a lazy weekend than starting it with a long, delicious brunch. Thanks to many Aussie making their ways to London, there are so many great places offering a range of healthy, fresh and seasonal driven menus and the best coffees! I love having a few regular places I tend to visit over and over again, like the Italian Garden Café in Hyde Park or Granger’s in Notting Hill, but I’m all about daring to try a new place like Brown & Rosie, which I spotted on Instagram. Turns out it’s yet another great Australian foodie place in London, which I tried together with my dear friend Annika yesterday.  read more

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Do you remember this picture I posted on Instagram? It’s been ages ago… And someone, in between traveling, moving to London and starting my job, I totally forgot to post this super yummy and easy recipe with you guys which will not take you longer than about 15 minutes to prepare. I promise!! Better late than never, am I right?
If made right, a banana bread is the most delicious thing you will ever be able to eat: it’s soft, fluffy and smells incredible. I still remember the first time, I smelled and actually tried a slice of a fresh, still warm banana bread. It was back in 2006 when I was an exchange student in the US and my host-dad made it one afternoon with some uber-ripe bananas. Ever since that day, I can’t resist the smell of freshly baked banana bread. Even though mine didn’t turned out to be as good as my host-dad’s one, it came pretty close and the recipe is definitely worth to be shared. Ready? read more

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food recipe acaí bowl, attila hildmann, denn's, bioUsually, I’m not someone to jump on a food trend. Clean eating, vegan and all the likes don’t really concern me a lot. I like to eat healthy just as much as I like to indulge every once in a while. To me it’s really more about enjoying food than anything else. However, I’m well aware that my body needs a balanced diet just as much as a regular work-out to be healthy, fit and strong.
Eating healthy and working out regularly can be tough when you travel as much as I do. I shared some of my tips how to stay fit while traveling in this post with you. While I travelled through Africa I was taking pills as a prophylaxis to prevent Malaria infection. It turned out that these pills were a bit tough on my system and I was pretty sick the last two weeks so that my doctor put me on a strict diet: no fat, no sugar, no coffee, no milk, no fun. Well, I’m happily doing any kind of diet instead of needing surgery!  read more

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Oh those hot summer days – where are you? For sure, they are not in Germany at the moment. However, it’s end of June what once used to be summer time. The hot season is one of my favorite ones because I love spending my days outside and enjoying long evenings outside. There are some drinks or meals, I only prepare during summer while there are others I only make during colder months. One such is my favorite summer (day) drink: an iced caramel macchiato. It’s super quick and so refreshing! Ready, set, coffee.

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