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As you know from this post, I’m a huuuuge candy lover. In fact, if you follow my Instagram (@vicko_m) you’d probably noticed that I’m a food lover. The food I post usually makes it pretty quickly inside my stomach. It is not often I turn down an invite to go for brunch, lunch, dinner… You’ll get the point.
But every once in a while, I enjoy some vitamins and skipping a meal just as much and that’s one of the reasons why I want to introduce you to MOJU – a fun, healthy start-up based here in London. The other ons is that I believe in the power of start-ups and their ability to change our world, our society. So, welcome of the healthy world of MOJU. These drinks are not only healthy, but super yummy and come in a pretty package. The best about them? These juices are actually good for you, since there is no sugar added to them as most of other so called “healthy” juices do. If you happen to be in London, make sure to grab one and try for yourself. If you don’t trust me, trust in the almighty Harrods: just one of the places where you can get them for less than £3.  Happy juicing!

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Berlin. Am Freitagabend bin ich gemeinsam mit knapp 800 Frauen durch den Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin gerannt. 10km. Für mich als nicht wirklich trainierte Langstreckenläuferin (ja 10km sind lang für mich!) war das doch eine recht große Herausforderung. Wollte ich zunächst den Run in 60 Minuten schaffen war schnell klar, dass ich mit einem schmerzenden Oberschenkel, einem geschwollenen Knöchel und zu wenig Training dieses Ziel nicht erreichen werde. Deswegen habe ich mir vorgenommen das Ziel zu erreichen ohne einmal gehen zu müssen, sonder mein stetiges…read more