cravings – Oktoberfest

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In just a couple of weeks from now, Munich’s Theresienwiese will yet again turn into the biggest Volksfest around the world, attracting millions of visitors from close and far. Once you hear the famous words “O’zapft is“, you know it’s this time of the year again: It’s Oktoberfest. Despite being German, I don’t really like beer. Yet, I love visiting the Wiesn (colloquial for Oktoberfest), because almost everyone makes the effort to wear their nicest Dirndl and Lederhosen. I got my Dirndl a few years ago when I first moved to Bavaria and would love to get a second one. With a back then Bavarian boyfriend who’s mom used to run a Dirndl shop, I’ve learned all the do’s & don’ts. Plus, my wardrobe is pretty well prepared to attend this year’s Oktoberfest. So how does my perfect Oktoberfest look looks like?  read more


cravings – what you need in your carry on bag

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With my exam done, I find myself having enough time and energy for exiting weekend trips again. While I love going away for weekends, they do need a bit of prep & planing beforehand or otherwise those weekend getaways will start to be rather exhausting than relaxing. What to wear to travel is an important question, you want to feel comfortable sitting on the plane, train or car and ideally want to partly be able to recycle what you wear again to not overpack. Thinking about what you need in your carry on bag is just as important. Over time, my Rimowa bag and I have become pretty good friends and it rarely happens that I miss to bring something (even though that’s always how I feel when I’m at the airport!). Since May I’ve been twice to Mallorca, spend a weekend in Amsterdam, one in Berlin at my friend’s baby shower and went to Paris – a pretty packed schedule, but that’s just how I love it. To me, traveling and exploring new places is a way to relax and where I find most of my inspiration. Over the years, I created a small game for myself: find the best book to read while traveling. What for others probably is the duty free shop, is the book store for me. So many goodies there to find. So today, I’m showing you what you need in your carry on bag to make your life as easy as possible.  read more


cravings – Amsterdam city trip

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Next Friday, I’m going to board a plane towards Amsterdam and oh boy, I can’t tell you how excited I am. As you know, I love to travel and have seen some far, far away places. However, when it comes to major European capitals there are still quite a few that I need to tick off. Amsterdam being one of them. You are probably now wondering why I’m so excited? Well to me, when I think of the Dutch city I imagine a cool, laid back place with everyone being super stylish, loads of cute shops and coffee places (not the be confused with the coffee shops…). I will for sure tell you how I’ve liked it afterwards, but for now a little outfit inspiration for an Amsterdam city trip.

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As you guys know, I’ve started my first ever full-time job in last September for which I moved back to London. Although I really hard time adjusting to a working life after a year that has been filled with travels and adventures around the world, I actually really enjoy working now. One reason being a monthly salary. There have been a few items that have been on my wish list for ages and I’ve put those things in my shopping cart for countless amount of times without never actually buying them. However, I’ve decided 2017 is about treating myself to things I’ve always dreamt of and that’s why today’s cravings are no cravings any longer anymore. May I introduce you to the new joiners in my closet & home? read more