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At home with Desenio.

I have been living in my flat now for a year and a half and while it truly feels like a home to me, there are certain bits and pieces of my flat I feel the urge to change all the time. This is mostly driven by the fact that we have rented a fully furnished apartment, which is a fairly common thing to do in a city like London. However, it makes it incredible hard to feel at home, especially if there are a lot of items you would have not chosen for your apartment yourself. While we cannot change all the furniture or the kitchen, there are some easy tricks and tips on how to make your flat feel like a home… read more

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outfit – the statement booties.

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It’s not deniable anymore: long, warm summer nights are over for the year. Temperatures have dropped and leaves are turning into a sea of reds and yellows. This can only mean one thing: fall is here. While I’m 100% a summer child, fall is actually my favorite season when it comes to dressing. Dark colors, heavy knits and booties. Currently, everywhere you look you see amazing statement booties. I received these super gorgeous pink flower velvet from Humanic and absolutely adore them. While I decided to fully embrace the colder weather and stocked up my wardrobe with this cute black knit, I can see those statement booties going so well with a pleaded skirt or a dress.  read more

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outfit – humanic.

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A couple of weeks ago my family came for a short weekend trip to London. While I love showing family and friends around and taking them to my favorite hotspots in town, lately I find myself wanting to explore more of the UK and share this experience. Since my family are frequent visitors and know all the tourist attractions as well as my favorite hot spots, I decided it’s time to take them on a day trip out of town. I had a very special place in mind – nestled away in the British countryside lies the Soho Farmhouse which belongs to the uber stylish member club chain Soho House and is the picture-perfect getaway for a weekend, it’s so close to London that you even can just go for the day and that’s what we did.  read more

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Ich wünsche euch allen einen wunderschönen Pfingstmontag – ich hoffe, ihr genießt den freien Tag  Mittlerweile wisst ihr, wie gerne ich mich mit meiner Anni treffe, um neue Looks zu fotografieren. Wir haben schon einige Male zusammengearbeitet (hier, hier oder hier) und die Ergebnisse werden von Mal zu Mal immer besser. Auch wenn die Bilder schon vor einigen Wochen aufgenommen wurde, wollte ich sie für einen ganz besonderen Post aufsparen. Tja, und da heute mein Geburtstag ist, dachte ich kommen diese tollen Bilder gerade richtig. Dieses Jahr gibts keine Wunschliste, kein großes Tamtam, sondern einfach einen Outfitpost, um meinen 26. Geburtstag gebührend zu feiern!
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