Stories & Smiles is a lifestyle blog about all the pretty things in life. Its main focus is fashion with bits of beauty, easy-to-try recipes & travels – it’s supposed to brighten up everyday life.

My name is Vicky and I’m the 24 year old smiley face behind Stories & Smiles. Currently, I’m doing my MA in International Business Management in London. This buzzing city is pure inspiration and I love every minute of that crazy big city life. I grew up in a city close to Frankfurt, Germany but my curiosity for life takes me to all different places in the world – Bavaria, Berlin, Madrid (Spain), Sonoma (USA), Urubamba (Peru) are some places I can call home. Fresh flowers, scented candles, a good book and a glas of an even better vine make me happy 

Stories & Smiles is my travel through life. Hop on the journey!



Questions? Feel free to contact me here or email me: hello@storiesandsmiles.com