where to go next?

To me, there‘s nothing really more inspiring and more energizing than traveling. It’s with no doubt one of my greatest passions. I love exploring new places, diving into the unknown and learning about new cultures. My recent trip to Sri Lanka left me feeling recharged and hungry for more trips… I always love reading other people’s travel plans for the upcoming year and as I have quite a few already lined up for this year, I thought it’s fun to jump on the wagon and share mine with you. So here we go…
Well, let’s start with all the places I already been to in 2018? While the year is still in its early months and resolutions are still fresh in one’s mind, I already made a few nice trips. In January, we spent a family weekend in Hamburg to celebrate my nephew’s 1st bday. February called for a weekend with my girls in Cologne for some carnival & quality time, before I headed home to surprise my Paps for his birthday.


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2017 – you’ve been good.


Can you believe that we are already half way through January? Somehow I haven’t fully realized yet that we are actually in 2018 and the last months of the past year went by in what felt like a blink of an eye. It was super quiet here in the recent weeks. Ok fair enough, it has been quiet here actually for months. For various reasons which I don’t want to bore you with (read: I was busy enjoying life & working)! Since I’m not really one to make ground breaking New Year‘s Resolution each year and my list mainly comprises the same items like the ones of most likely 90% of the western population, I thought the beginning of the new year is the perfect excuse to tell you about how my life in 2017 has looked like instead.
As you know, 2016 was all about finishing Uni before I packed my bag pack and left on an amazing trip around the world. I’ve collected so many amazing memories and experiences, that I still smile and feel an instant relief of happiness inside me when I think about my trip. I came back and started my first proper full-time job at the end of the year. So, what was 2017 all about? If I were to put one word next to it, it would be growth. I feel like I have grown in so many ways during the last 12 months, which makes me super happy and pretty proud at myself. Let’s split this post in three main categories: London, Life, Work.

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Cooperation, Outfit

outfit – the statement booties.

statement booties, fall, humanic, valentino, boots, curly hair

It’s not deniable anymore: long, warm summer nights are over for the year. Temperatures have dropped and leaves are turning into a sea of reds and yellows. This can only mean one thing: fall is here. While I’m 100% a summer child, fall is actually my favorite season when it comes to dressing. Dark colors, heavy knits and booties. Currently, everywhere you look you see amazing statement booties. I received these super gorgeous pink flower velvet from Humanic and absolutely adore them. While I decided to fully embrace the colder weather and stocked up my wardrobe with this cute black knit, I can see those statement booties going so well with a pleaded skirt or a dress.  read more


cravings – leather jacket.

all saints, leather jacket, cravings, gucci, acne studio, le specs

I’m not sure if you remember but a couple of months ago, my black Maje leather jacket got stolen. I’ve loved the jacket for so many reasons, but most of all because it was a birthday present from my parents a few years ago. It was the very first time that someone has stolen something from me. For some of you this might sound incredible weird, but I was in proper shock  and in absolute disbelief for days. I just couldn’t believe someone would grab my leather jacket and run off.  Plus, proper leather jackets can be so expensive and are definitively not a cheap investment. So, I decided to take a few weeks to do some research on how to find the best leather jacket. How I concluded? The right one should be a bit of a biker jacket, yet still classy and have the softest leather….

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